November 26, 2015

    Carrie and her Readers

    When you have an idea for a book —¬†really have an idea — it’s more like the idea has you. Or anyway that’s what happened to me when I thought I might like to tell a BDSM story in the voice of a smart, wisecracking, highly literate San Francisco bike messenger. Carrie isn’t real, of … Continue reading Carrie and her Readers

    August 26, 2015

    If You Came for a Feelgood Post…

    …You’ll probably want to go somewhere else. Because this is where I begin thinking out loud about For¬†Such a Time, Kate Breslin’s¬†RITA-nominated romance novel, set in Theresienstadt and featuring a Nazi commandant hero and a Jewish heroine with a thing for the New Testament…

    July 31, 2015

    Such a Deal!

    If not a steal… For the rest of today (July 31, 2015 until midnight Pacific Time), you can get my Audie-award-winning comic BDSM novel Carrie’s Story (ebook version) for $1.99 at… iTunes¬† amazon ¬† nook¬† or google play¬† (I gotta say I love the idea of having Carrie on your phone). Happy Friday and enjoy.



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"Where are the really sexy, well-written novels for grown-up, sophisticated readers? At long last, I found one..."
The Contra Costa Times on
Almost a Gentleman

“What a wonderful, challenging, envelope-pushing, smart and astonishing book..." on The Slightest Provocation

“ of the most erudite, adventurous, and intellectually playful authors of erotic historical romance."
Eric Murphy Selinger, "Rereading the Romance," Contemporary Literature, XLVII, 2

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