January 21, 2016

    Sex is Good to Think With

    The historian Robert Darnton said that somewhere once, in homage to Claude LĂ©vi-Strauss, who said that food was good to think with. Anyway, it’s what I’ve always thought, it’s sort of the mainspring of all my erotic and romance writing, and it’s rather taken a beating in the current post FSoG climate. So I’m grateful … Continue reading Sex is Good to Think With

    November 26, 2015

    Carrie and her Readers

    When you have an idea for a book — really have an idea — it’s more like the idea has you. Or anyway that’s what happened to me when I thought I might like to tell a BDSM story in the voice of a smart, wisecracking, highly literate San Francisco bike messenger. Carrie isn’t real, of … Continue reading Carrie and her Readers

    August 26, 2015

    If You Came for a Feelgood Post…

    …You’ll probably want to go somewhere else. Because this is where I begin thinking out loud about For Such a Time, Kate Breslin’s RITA-nominated romance novel, set in Theresienstadt and featuring a Nazi commandant hero and a Jewish heroine with a thing for the New Testament…



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"Where are the really sexy, well-written novels for grown-up, sophisticated readers? At long last, I found one..."
The Contra Costa Times on
Almost a Gentleman

“What a wonderful, challenging, envelope-pushing, smart and astonishing book..."
   DearAuthor.com on The Slightest Provocation

“...one of the most erudite, adventurous, and intellectually playful authors of erotic historical romance."
Eric Murphy Selinger, "Rereading the Romance," Contemporary Literature, XLVII, 2

“...nothing less than sublime."
The Chicago Tribune on
The Edge of Impropriety

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