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Pam at Lake Chacahua and other items briefly noted

Yes that’s me, in shades and a distressingly unflattering hat (not mine), in a boat (not the leaky one I still have to tell you about) on Lake Chacahua in Mexico. But the pic of the hotel we stayed at on the shore is accurate and worth your attention. It’s called La Almendra — you … Continue reading Pam at Lake Chacahua and other items briefly noted


Berlin: 3 Places to Eat Dinner

I’ve already posted about our fun brunch with members of the German romance reading community. And my surprising first impressions of Berlin and its surfeit of history — some hidden and some all too present. But there’s more to life — and travel — than history and brunch. As Woody Allen says, there must also … Continue reading Berlin: 3 Places to Eat Dinner


Spannend, Sinnlich, Sexy

I plucked those adjectives from the catalog of the German publisher Mira (which, I believe, is not the same as the American publisher Mira), where spannend, sinnlich, sexy is how they chose describe the forthcoming (February 09) edition of Almost a Gentleman, my wundervolles Debüt mit atemberaubend erotishcen Szenen, German title Gefährliche Enthüllung. What were … Continue reading Spannend, Sinnlich, Sexy