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Flying High, Whirling like a Dervish

What a lovely surprise. Michael and I were 30,000 feet up in the air (on our way to Istanbul) when I got an email from the fabulous Susie Bright, congratulating me for Carrie’s Story winning a 2014 Audie, for Best Audiobook of the Year in the Erotica Category (2014 being the first time that category has even existed).

AND, as Susie points out on Facebook, “This is the FIRST recognition, ever, of [the] erotic literature genre in ‘Audie’ history.” Not to speak of “the first time an erotic writer/work/actor has been given a mainstream, across-the-board literary award of ANY kind for its merit.”

Consider that for a moment.  As I am (for the first time actually). In our hotel lobby in Cappadocia, where after almost a week of soaking in Turkish art, scenery, and food, Susie’s words are finally sinking into my overworked sensorium.

Mainstream. Literary. Merit. Gosh.

I might still be 30,000 feet above the ground.


Packing for Europe

Bon voyage… almost. We leave for Brussels, Belgium tomorrow… for the International Society for the Study of Romance Fiction Conference. Smart folks, lots of art and chocolate! Oh, and frites! Will write more from en route!


On the Road (and on my desktop): How to Get Things Done

Just back a week ago from the Popular Culture Association Conference in New Orleans, where I gave a talk, hung with scholars of the romance genre, and ate more wonderful food in a short time than I would have thought possible (or certainly advisable). You can find out more from my recent post at History … Continue reading On the Road (and on my desktop): How to Get Things Done


Pam at Lake Chacahua and other items briefly noted

Yes that’s me, in shades and a distressingly unflattering hat (not mine), in a boat (not the leaky one I still have to tell you about) on Lake Chacahua in Mexico. But the pic of the hotel we stayed at on the shore is accurate and worth your attention. It’s called La Almendra — you … Continue reading Pam at Lake Chacahua and other items briefly noted


Reading My Way Across a Few Borders

According to Travelocity, you can only fly from San Francisco to Puerto Escondido (on the Oaxaca coast of Mexico) by making two 3-hour layovers, the first in Guadalajara or Dallas/Ft. Worth and the second in Mexico City, from which you connect to the once-a-day MexicanaClick plane to Puerto — which drops you off at the … Continue reading Reading My Way Across a Few Borders


My Bad — can I apologize with some lovely pictures?

Bad for not posting for so long, that is. We were traveling in Mexico and LA — you can find out a little about our trip from my last post at the History Hoydens Blog. And before that, packing up everything in our house so just about every room except my already-repainted study could be … Continue reading My Bad — can I apologize with some lovely pictures?


RWA: More Advice for Shy Writers

I loved Leanne Shawler’s workshop about how to take your first baby steps toward overcoming shyness, called “How to Become a Trained Extrovert.” But I was surprised that her good advice came from personal experience, because I would have never pegged this smart, smiling, calm woman as shy. “Well,” my wise friend Janet Mullany said, … Continue reading RWA: More Advice for Shy Writers


Berlin: 3 Places to Eat Dinner

I’ve already posted about our fun brunch with members of the German romance reading community. And my surprising first impressions of Berlin and its surfeit of history — some hidden and some all too present. But there’s more to life — and travel — than history and brunch. As Woody Allen says, there must also … Continue reading Berlin: 3 Places to Eat Dinner


Spannend, Sinnlich, Sexy

I plucked those adjectives from the catalog of the German publisher Mira (which, I believe, is not the same as the American publisher Mira), where spannend, sinnlich, sexy is how they chose describe the forthcoming (February 09) edition of Almost a Gentleman, my wundervolles Debüt mit atemberaubend erotishcen Szenen, German title Gefährliche Enthüllung. What were … Continue reading Spannend, Sinnlich, Sexy


Catching Up With Myself

After a few weeks of running around — conference, Berlin, New York — I’m home again at San Francisco… ~ Trying to put my thoughts and memories in order. ~ Trying to get back on schedule: And I’m sure you’ll permit me an ironic little ha! when I remind you that I’m supposed to be … Continue reading Catching Up With Myself