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Pam as Molly — Or is it the other way around?

It’s been delicious to get such lovely recent recognition, and from a host of venues: From Philadelphia, where the nice folks at the Kink Shoppe are promising their clients the opportunity to trade their copies of Fifty Shades of Grey for something rather better-written, which is to say Carrie’s Story… … to Britain, where yesterday a covey of brilliant … Continue reading Pam as Molly — Or is it the other way around?


Flying High, Whirling like a Dervish

What a lovely surprise. Michael and I were 30,000 feet up in the air (on our way to Istanbul) when I got an email from the fabulous Susie Bright, congratulating me for Carrie’s Story winning a 2014 Audie, for Best Audiobook of the Year in the Erotica Category (2014 being the first time that category has even existed).

AND, as Susie points out on Facebook, “This is the FIRST recognition, ever, of [the] erotic literature genre in ‘Audie’ history.” Not to speak of “the first time an erotic writer/work/actor has been given a mainstream, across-the-board literary award of ANY kind for its merit.”

Consider that for a moment.  As I am (for the first time actually). In our hotel lobby in Cappadocia, where after almost a week of soaking in Turkish art, scenery, and food, Susie’s words are finally sinking into my overworked sensorium.

Mainstream. Literary. Merit. Gosh.

I might still be 30,000 feet above the ground.


What Susie Said

I’ve got to share this lovely bit from Susie Bright, pre-nominating Carrie’s Story for a 2014 Audie (’s annual award) in erotica: Carries Story, by Molly Weatherfield. Narrated by Shana Savage. This is actually a Romance classic. It changed the genre from R to X. It brought Story of O to romance, with open, thrilled … Continue reading What Susie Said



Still a bit Gobsmacked

But my son’s now listed on the Wikipedia page a reader created for me, a few enthusiastic overstatements have been reigned in, and there’s now a little bit of discussion about my critical writing in this quite extraordinarily well-written entry that gets a very great deal right about me and what I write or at least … Continue reading Still a bit Gobsmacked



…was the word that insisted on being used, yesterday, when I got an email telling me there was an entry for me on Wikipedia at Yes, it’s okay to click on it — it’s not, as I was sure at first, a Trojan horse designed to sneak onto my hard drive via the soft … Continue reading Gobsmacked


A Little Squeeing (giggle and snark)

When old friends ask about the shape of my life since early retirement from my longtime, demanding day job as a computer programmer, I sometimes startle them by telling the truth — or one of the big truths — about what makes things rich and fun. Which is the smart, wonderful women (and a few … Continue reading A Little Squeeing (giggle and snark)


Bright Star, Heart in a Book

Do you not see how necessary a World of Pains and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a soul? That’s from somewhere in John Keats’ letters, as quoted by biographer Walter Jackson Bate. And as I copied it out from Bate this morning, it occurred to me that certainly that’s one of … Continue reading Bright Star, Heart in a Book


Big Days Coming Up in Cyberspace and in Washington DC

Tomorrow, Friday the 10th, I’ll have a post at History Hoydens that I particularly enjoyed writing. It’s called “Umberto Eco, Barbara Cartland, and Me: Saying I Love You in Historical Romance.” And it’s about how, as a romance reader, it’s exclusively historicals for me (well, almost exclusively — sometime I’ll write about the exception cases). … Continue reading Big Days Coming Up in Cyberspace and in Washington DC


Great News — About a “delightfully improper read”

Love those sexy librarians… Library Journal has published its annual Best Books List, and I’m grateful and honored to announce that they’ve named The Edge of Impropriety one of the five Best Romances of 2008. You can find out more about what they said about it — and also what great company I’m in — … Continue reading Great News — About a “delightfully improper read”