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Sex is Good to Think With

The historian Robert Darnton said that somewhere once, in homage to Claude Lévi-Strauss, who said that food was good to think with. Anyway, it’s what I’ve always thought, it’s sort of the mainspring of all my erotic and romance writing, and it’s rather taken a beating in the current post FSoG climate. So I’m grateful … Continue reading Sex is Good to Think With



Such a Deal!

If not a steal… For the rest of today (July 31, 2015 until midnight Pacific Time), you can get my Audie-award-winning comic BDSM novel Carrie’s Story (ebook version) for $1.99 at… iTunes amazon nook or google play (I gotta say I love the idea of having Carrie on your phone). Happy Friday and enjoy.


Pam as Molly — Or is it the other way around?

It’s been delicious to get such lovely recent recognition, and from a host of venues: From Philadelphia, where the nice folks at the Kink Shoppe are promising their clients the opportunity to trade their copies of Fifty Shades of Grey for something rather better-written, which is to say Carrie’s Story… … to Britain, where yesterday a covey of brilliant … Continue reading Pam as Molly — Or is it the other way around?


Philadelphia Stories

Is this a hoot or what? I just found out via Twitter that The Kink Shoppe (an upscale adult toy and fetish boutique in Old Town, Philadelphia) is staging a Fifty Shades of Grey Book Exchange. According to Philadelphia Magazine, the store is “urging those interested in incorporating BDSM into their sex lives to bring in their … Continue reading Philadelphia Stories


Sexuality: Endangered Resources and National Treasures

Last Saturday, Jan 10, I participated in a lively panel discussion about erotic writing. Thanks so much to my local Romance Writers’ outgoing events coordinator, Jane George, for putting it together, Chapter President Theresa Rogers for facilitating, and to Jackie Yau for the photos. And thanks especially to my smart, talented co-panelists, Alice Gaines (who … Continue reading Sexuality: Endangered Resources and National Treasures


Flying High, Whirling like a Dervish

What a lovely surprise. Michael and I were 30,000 feet up in the air (on our way to Istanbul) when I got an email from the fabulous Susie Bright, congratulating me for Carrie’s Story winning a 2014 Audie, for Best Audiobook of the Year in the Erotica Category (2014 being the first time that category has even existed).

AND, as Susie points out on Facebook, “This is the FIRST recognition, ever, of [the] erotic literature genre in ‘Audie’ history.” Not to speak of “the first time an erotic writer/work/actor has been given a mainstream, across-the-board literary award of ANY kind for its merit.”

Consider that for a moment.  As I am (for the first time actually). In our hotel lobby in Cappadocia, where after almost a week of soaking in Turkish art, scenery, and food, Susie’s words are finally sinking into my overworked sensorium.

Mainstream. Literary. Merit. Gosh.

I might still be 30,000 feet above the ground.


What Susie Said

I’ve got to share this lovely bit from Susie Bright, pre-nominating Carrie’s Story for a 2014 Audie (’s annual award) in erotica: Carries Story, by Molly Weatherfield. Narrated by Shana Savage. This is actually a Romance classic. It changed the genre from R to X. It brought Story of O to romance, with open, thrilled … Continue reading What Susie Said


How to Read a Remarkable Work of Erotica: Greta Christina’s “Bending”

As my birthday approaches (tomorrow!) I’m once again struck by how totally Gemini I am: always of two minds, alternatively Pam the swooning romantic and Molly the shy p0rn0gr@ph#r. Two genres, two ways of shaping a story. On the romance side I see arcs of redemption, the closure and satisfaction of the HEA always immanent … Continue reading How to Read a Remarkable Work of Erotica: Greta Christina’s “Bending”


The Shy P0rn0gr@ph#r – With Drinks, Angst, and Jane Austen

Michael said I read too quickly and should have leaned into the mic at Writers With Drinks last Saturday night. Both of which are probably true, since in fact I was kind of nervous, due to a raging attack of am-I-really-a-writeritis. Not publishing anything new for a few years can do that to you, I … Continue reading The Shy P0rn0gr@ph#r – With Drinks, Angst, and Jane Austen