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Worst Reason Ever to Ban a Book (and a mini-contest)

The more I think about the stupid and evil reasons people demand that this or that book be removed from this or that list or shelf (not to speak of burned), the more steamed I get, and the more convinced that I’ve chosen the right book to read from at the El Cerrito Library’s Banned Book Read-a-Thon (see my events page for details).

And the reason this book was challenged, imo worst reason ever? (Not that there’s ever a good reason to keep people from reading books.) That it’s “a real downer.”

And so I’m having a little contest. What book do you think it was?

DON’T POST ANSWERS AS COMMENTS. Instead, send your guesses to Pam at PamRosenthal dot com (put the word DOWNER in the subject line). And you’ll get any of my books, autographed (well, except the eBook of The Bookseller’s Daughter, which, now that I think of it, happens to take place in the forbidden book trade). And a little chocolate.

So which book do you think it was? Which book did the Alabama Textbook Committee, in 1983, think oughtn’t be in the schools because it was “a real downer?”

Deadline, Tuesday Sept 23, 6 PM PST (since the reading begins at 7)

Let me know.

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