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What Susie Said

I’ve got to share this lovely bit from Susie Bright, pre-nominating Carrie’s Story for a 2014 Audie (’s annual award) in erotica:

Carries Story, by Molly Weatherfield. Narrated by Shana Savage.

This is actually a Romance classic. It changed the genre from R to X. It brought Story of O to romance, with open, thrilled arms. People who say, “Why is SoO so bad?”–find their home here. Molly Weatherfield is the most brilliant psychologist and historian in erotic romance. She knows how to play every stroke.

Shana just took the script and fulfilled it, beautifully. This is probably the most requested backlist title I ever produced, and I was thrilled we did it so perfectly.

I’m thrilled about it being “probably the most requested backlist title [she] ever produced.”

And note that she nominated it in romance as well. Which might not thrill formalist students of the romance genre (spoiler: Carrie and Jonathan don’t wind up a committed couple), but I love that Susie, who takes a more fluid view of these things, simply found it a romantic book. Which of course I do to.

And so might you.

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