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Pride, Not Prejudice: thinking gratefully, and thinking like a romance writer

Another “why didn’t I think of that?” — the “Pride, not Prejudice” slogan on the San Francisco Public Library Bookmobile float today at the Pride Parade.

Still, good for them for coming up with one more reason for me to feel inspired and grateful during this most joyous of Pride celebrations, during a week when the Supreme Court gets a few important things right and couples are lining up at City Halls all over the country to get married.

I also feel a little proud, as California Prop 8 finally and deservedly goes down in flames (thanks again, SCOTUS), to re-post this picture from 2008 of two aging hippies out there on the streets agitating for the right of everybody to marry. (Finding the picture also led me to note a comment on my blog from my wise friend Penni, who mused, “Can’t you just see an eager reader 150 years from now downloading a tale of two wedding-thwarted lovers from the unbelievably primitive days of homophobia?” Yeah I can, Penni, thanks for that too.)

Thanks and celebration come together, I think. Periodic festivals like the Pride celebration (not to speak of New Year and Thanksgiving) give a positive spin to… well, to the spin of the earth and the dance of generation and generations. When you think in terms of cycles, you’re thinking in romance time — sort of like a waltz, only in four beats, the four seasons following in order as the earth spins on its axis. Redemptive time; time to get it right. Romance time.

More later about this.


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