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The Bronx is Up and So Am I, pt II

I’m from New York, have I ever mentioned that? Yeah, I thought so — after more than 40 years in the SF Bay Area, part of me has never stopped being a New Yorker, which means part of me has never stopped talking about how much I love my first city.

So I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to go home to promote the reissues of three of my books at Book Expo America at the end of May and beginning of June, where I’ll be signing copies of CARRIE’S STORY and SAFE WORD (by me as Molly Weatherfield), and hanging out with Cleis authors and editors. AND, since Samhain Press’s e-book reissue of THE BOOKSELLER’S DAUGHTER will be coming out May 28, I’ll get to meet Samhain editors and authors as well.

Plus there will be… cake? Well, probably. Wine definitely — always happy to meet up for a drink or a cup of tea with friends, family, readers, or any combination of the above.

And there will be readings and a discussion session — mostly as Molly Weatherfield, but Pam will be there as well. Check out the kind of amazing events list at for New York (and Baltimore too) — if you’re anywhere near by, please come say hi.

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