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Back to My Roots, This Time as Pam Rosenthal

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is indeed a beautiful, brand new cover, giving new life to the first romance novel I ever wrote, The Bookseller’s Daughter, available as an e-book this May 28 from Samhain Publishing (and all the other e-book venues as well).

Almost a Gentleman actually hit print first, but The Bookseller’s Daughter was the one I was writing while I was returning to the genre for the first time since reading it in high school. And so I’m thrilled to have it available again, meticulously copy-edited this time (thanks so much, Samhain), with a new, retrospective introduction from me which I hope will interest old readers as well as new ones.

And might the novel even interest Molly Weatherfield readers? Who can say, but if my Francophile BDSM heroine Carrie ever wrote a romance novel, it might be something like The Bookseller’s Daughter, set in cruel ancien régime France with its gorgeous rococo style and the clothing that inspired Roissy fetish garb, sanctioned by the offstage presence of the Marquis de Sade himself. Eighteenth century France was a golden age of erotic writing, and I hope to be talking more about this history and how it inspired me to write. So look for this on my blog and anywhere else online I might turn up in the next while.

And meanwhile, I hope you’ll make your e-reader a home for my brave bookseller Marie-Laure (pronounced like it looks) and my bold erotic writer Joseph. My youngest, sweetest romance heroine and hero (which doesn’t mean, au contraire, they don’t heat up the pages). And my first.


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