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Official Molly Weatherfield Blog Tour Guide

Finishing up today. Come catch up with us, and meet some fantastic writers along the way.

SOME RECENT STOPS (still available for visits) are:

  • March 24 – Shanna Germain — an excerpt and a few lovely words (thanks!)
  • March 26 – Alison Tyler — a different excerpt, a lovely reminiscence… and (check out this illustration!) the perfect accessory for a Molly Weatherfield reader
  • March 28 – Romance Junkies said I didn’t have to answer all the interview questions. But I did, because they were all fun.
  • March 29 – Sinclair Sexsmith chooses an entirely different excerpt, proving once again that there are many ways into the chateau
  • April 1 – “I’m sure,” she began, “that it’s not really necessary to point out that ‘reading you your rights’ is just a little joke we have around here…. Because if you think you have any rights around here, somebody has made a terrible mistake.” In which excerpt, writer, columnist, and anthologizer extraordinaire Rachel Kramer Bussel reminds me that I can write pretty damn uncompromising when I want to.
  • April 3 – Ezrabet’s Enchantments – An excerpt (more of that hardcore episode), a fulsome review (“an S/M novel that stays with you when you turn out the lights” – thanks so much!) and an interview with Molly
  • April 4 – “Who doesn’t love an intelligent heroine who knows what she wants and gets it?” At Pagan Spirits, Erin O’Riodan asks me an entirely new and challenging set of questions, posts an excerpt, and comments from her own point of view — somewhat different from mine and well worth checking out.
  • April 5 – Lindsay Avalon – An excerpt from the beginning of Carrie and Jonathan’s relationship
  • April 6 – Laura Antoniou – An excerpt and a couple of sharp observations from a major author in the BDSM genre: I’m proud she calls me colleague


  • April 7 – DL King wraps it up with one of the first passages I played with — over expresso at Oliveto’s in Rockridge, Oakland, when I was just imagining who these people, Carrie and Jonathan, might actually be.


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