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See Ya, Hon, at the Baltimore Book Festival

Hon being Baltimorese for honey, sweetie, sweetheart, whatever… said by a really sweet waitress with big hair.

Think John Waters.

And then think a panel discussion called Fifty Shades of Hot! Erotic Taboos in Fiction, to be held at the Baltimore Book Festival on Saturday, September 29. Where I’ll be speaking (both as Pam Rosenthal AND Molly Weatherfield) along with other delicious authors Stephanie Draven, Megan Hart, Eliza Knight, and Caridad Pineiro.

The festival schedule bills it as:

Authors offer readings from their latest works and talk about writing the forbidden, including identifying and pushing their erotic boundaries, where the line crosses into pornography, and how to enjoy the risks and the payoffs of writing and  reading erotic taboos.

Does this sound perfect for Pam and Molly or what? In the city of John Waters, Edgar Allen Poe, and “The Wire,” no less.

The event will be at 6:30 PM on the Marilyn Romance Writers Stage. More information about this and other wonderful writer events at

I’ve got to think about what I’m going to say. And wear, of course.

But I know it’s going to be fun, hon.




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