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Big News for Molly Weatherfield Readers

Is this exciting or what? Sometime within the next two or three months, there’s going to be a spoken word version of my erotic novel Carrie’s Story (w/a Molly Weatherfield), followed by its sequel, Safe Word, both of them produced for by my brilliant friend, Susie Bright.

Which means that you are going to get to hear Carrie, my motormouthed comic BDSM heroine, talk in her own smartassed voice — or more accurately, the voice that Susie and her spoken-word production team decide is Carrie’s voice.

Susie, her production team, and also me.

Because Susie’s already asked me for my casting ideas, and as they actually choose the actor who reads what I wrote, I’m going to have some say in the process too.

This is entirely new to me.  Stay tuned as I find out more.


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