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“I think we’ve found our family,” Jasper says to Marina at the end of The Edge of Impropriety.

It makes me particularly happy to think that I wrote these words back in 2008, before  my son Jesse ever met his now-wife Masha and now-daughter Sasha, and before they were joined by new baby daughter Rory just this past October.

Indulge the blissed-out aging hippie Jewish Grandma in me showing you just one pic of their beautiful family.

And imagine how thrilling it was that Michael and I were actually visiting them when Rory arrived, since we were in the East Coast already — for my Mom’s ninetieth birthday party (talk about happiness and joy!) and so I’m feeling doubly, triply, exponentially blessed, and grateful to you as well, for letting me share.


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  1. Dear Pam
    Do you think s&m is okay for a romance novel? I ask because I’m writing a story and in it a lady pirate is held captive by a tribe in an exotic land. I don’t know if that would be cool with readers what say you?

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