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Moments of Joyous Recognition

Or, to put it another way, I’ve been gobsmacked again.

This time by a reader of my Molly Weatherfield erotica, who invited me to come visit the alternative world where she and her partner hang out online, in the immersive digital universe called Second Life (SL), where residents (in the bodies of onscreen “avatars”) romp through beautifully realized and gloriously diverse interactive spaces in search of pleasure and provocation, community and creativity.

I’ve never done this before. So I’m slow and clumsy. My “mollyw” avatar is still boringly generic-looking, not sure of her online manners and prone to bumping into walls.

But my guides are patient and generous. And the walls themselves (not to speak of the furniture, accoutrements, and not a few of the residents themselves) are gorgeous. Because what’s particularly fascinating and impressive about Second Life is that its virtual spaces are built and designed by its users — customized, modified, and endlessly, gloriously embellished.

Of course the original designers and owners of the company were the ones who waded into the original primordial void of computer memory, to create light and darkness; cyberspace and cybertime; the laws of physics and the code of the avatars’ virtual DNA.But from there (as I learned from Wagner James Au’s lively book The Making of Second Life) they left it to the users, members, or residents (as they’re variously called). So there are tools for building, courses on how to learn to do it, a virtual-money currency for buying and selling artifacts thus created.

All this in the service of enabling creativity and furthering desire. While for me, all this has made for moments of purely joyous recognition, to discover not only how elegantly and skillfully realized the SL adult erotic area of Xaara is, but how hauntingly familiar the landscape is to me. What a astonishment to find a set of creative imaginations so akin to the one I discovered in myself when I set my intrepid heroine on her adventures through the alternate world I created within the covers of Carrie’s Story and Safe Word.

Oh, and it’s pretty hot too.

More reports to come — especially after mollyw goes “shopping” for shoes, clothes, skin, and much much better hair.

But in the meantime, if you’ve had any experiences yourself in Second Life, I’d love to hear about it.


  1. As one of those second life avatars that is trying to assist our Molly, I can tell you that her inexperience is outweighed by her charm and enthusiasm.

  2. H you asked that if anyone had experiences in SL you would like to hear about them. Well here I go, I am a submissive in SL and real life. I meet my online Master and husband, Pain Static. We decided to take our relatonship real life. We now live together and are engaged. He is my real life Dom and collar holder. We also own our own sim that is a BDSM safehaven called Moon Light Lust we are just starting out just not really opened to the public yet. there is some of my story lol. Thankies for your time

  3. It was wonderful seeing you walking around Miss and I am glad that your venture into the world was a fun one. Enjoy your time and adventures as there are many to be found. I myself have had quite a journey within SL with so many ups and downs but I wouldn’t change a moment of it. It’s now settled down with a wonderous Master and beauty all around me at home on the Xaara sims and all the other places of vastness within SL. Working with Miss Ayla Guisse at Xaara has been one of the most rewarding things I have done and look forward to reading more about you. I hope it’s ok if I link your blog to ours of Xaara! Be well, everyone!

  4. Hi I am Master Nickolas Mondays submissive, we live out our fantasies to the full. He has been blown away by Your enthusiasm and charm. Welcome to alanis x

  5. when next you waunder the sims of second life I hope you will investigate a place called romance love and discipline. If you do please feel free to explore my castle there beside the little village where there are many theme areas to play in.

  6. Thanks for all the sweet and welcoming words, SL residents. I hope to meet you all, though right now I’m simply wandering around.

    Jorden, you can certainly link to this blog. I’d be honored. I’ve met Ayla Guisse, btw, and I think she’s terrific. She was described to me by my SL guides as “our Kate” — and as Kate might be my favorite character in my Carrie books, that’s a pretty great thing to hear.

    And thanks for the invitation, lorddragon nightfire. I’ll certainly wander by sometime.

  7. Hello Molly
    I remember how thrilled my SL partner, Sylvia Fitzpatrick, was when you accepted her invitation to come into SL to take a look around Alanis Gallery in Xaara, which we have created together. After reading ‘Carrie’s World’ and ‘Safe Word’, Sylvia had been struck by how close the feel of your D/s fiction is to that of the (often very real) goings-on in the garden at Alanis.
    It has since been a great pleasure to us both to have set mollyw on her way in SL, and know she’ll have even more fun once she gets the hang of things – it was weeks before I stopped walking into walls (I write that in the certain knowledge that someone will let you know that I still do walk into walls, and worse, when I go into SL after an evening in the pub), but mollyw shows signs of being a much quicker learner than me.
    All the best in your exploration of SL, and love from Sylvia who is on vacation in France,

  8. Thanks again, Michiel, for everything. And last night I did worse than bumping into walls… which I’ll blog about after I do a little work in RL.

    hugs meanwhile.

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