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Fear of Flying

Latest adventure in Second Life: trying to get to a new location, and suddenly hurtling through space (my avatar was anyway) over dark water and then, it seemed, plunging in.

Strange fun, actually, and I think I, or “I”, jettisoned a few items of clothing along the way 🙂

A RL friend who’s been on SL tells me I was in “lag.” Further explanations gratefully accepted. (For newcomers to this set of posts, btw, RL = “real life”; SL = “second, or virtual online, life”. (Also interesting for folks like me who have created a fantasy world through novels).


  1. Oh, and then there’s the odd bug from a few years ago where your avatar suddenly shoots off into space with its hair mysteriously attached to its butt. I would guess by now that’s been fixed.

    I always suspected that was a weird bit of programmer humor, actually.

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