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Molly and Me… a new contest soon

I was thrilled and flattered last April when an online discussion of my erotic novel Carrie’s Story (w/a Molly Weatherfield) attracted 345 posts. Not bad, I’d have to say, for a book that was first published in 1995 (and which I would never have dreamed would still be in its 16th printing as I write this).Nor would I have expected it to be described so often as a “classic,” not to speak of “one of the 25 sexiest novels ever written” (Playboy said that — check out their other choices here).

I couldn’t make it to the discussion itself, but this time I’m planning ahead of time, to attend the Naked Reader Book Club next September 13 when they discuss the sequel to Carrie’s Story, Safe Word. And to celebrate the event by beginning a new, erotica-themed contest next week, winner to be chosen on (natch) September 13.

The new contest will go up by this Friday, June 24.

But as I write this, you only have… um…3 hours and 23 minutes to enter my current contest at, where the prize is 2 wonderfully funny and big-hearted, sexy and appealing, Regency chick-lit novels by the brilliant Janet Mullany — and a little chocolate too.


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