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Doonesbury on Love and Image

No kidding, Gary Trudeau’s got my number in today’s wonderful strip… at

If you feel any rapport with my sensibility (and if you don’t I can’t imagine how you got here — certainly not on the strength of my self-promotional skills) you’ll want to read it immediately, once again at

(anybody out there love Leo and Alex as much as I do?)


  1. Pam –

    Thanks for the link to Gary’s strip – it was perfect – I think I’ll pass it on to my oldest son!

    My niece went to the same college in Maryland as Gary went to and I think his fame is the only reason she applied. The best thing she got out of college was her husband so I guess it wasn’t a bad thing.

    I love your books and can’t wait for The Edge of Impropriety to be released.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jeanne. And hmmm, the best thing I got out of college was my husband, too.

    “The Good Morrow,” the poem Mary and Kit share in THE SLIGHTEST PROVOCATION was one we learned together in a 17th century poetry class and that my husband (happily, sleepily) quoted the first morning we woke up together. So even though in real life I’m hardly the chirpy, together person who smiles out from you from this blog, I have had some primo romantic moments, thanks to my guy.

    As for the mass-market re-release of The Edge of Impropriety, I’ll be sure to let you and all my other readers know when it’s available.

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