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But Wait! There’s More!

Along with Linda’s reply to my contest question about why booklovers are such sexy people, Cheryl from New Jersey contends that it’s because we’re open to “varied thoughts, opinions, and beliefs,” while Anais from Nice, France suggests that (as we fall in love with those we have something in common with), booklovers will of course find other booklovers sexy and hot.

Hmmm… can both ways of looking at it be true, I wonder? Somehow I feel that they are…

… while also definitely agreeing with Susan from Kansas, who says we booklovers tend to feel deeply, and with Amanda from New Jersey, who muses that “because they know how to express their sensuality without the feeling of rejection because these books prove to us that love is out there if you take the chance.”

How nice to consider that romance fiction might help us become braver and more erotically adventurous. I’m honored to think I might have had that effect on a reader or two — and that my vocation dovetails with that of my husband, who was a bookseller all his life. Because as Jeanne from Rhode Island says, “booksellers are sexy because they know just which author to suggest to fill your inner needs.  They also have the love of books to support not only established authors but promote new authors both of which enrich our lives.”

Which sort of brings together the new and the familiar, doesn’t it? The selves we recognize and the selves we grow toward and reach out to love — or as Sue from Vancouver put it — in another variation on the book of love theme — there’s something wonderful about seeing ourselves in “the main role” (heroine or hero) in a story.

Something wonderful, meaningful, new and old. And sexy.

Thanks so much to these readers and the many others who responded. And do stop by this Friday for a new contest.

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