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Sexy Braininess, in Many Voices

Congratulations to Linda, from Fontana, CA, for winning my just-finished contest, where I asked entrants to tell me briefly, in their own words, why booklovers are such sexy people.

I picked Linda randomly (such being the rules of my contest page), but her entry was certainly striking: It’s “because,” she said, “we know everything from the book of love,” an answer that spans centuries of great thoughts from the classical philosophers to brilliant R&B cut of my youth, Who Wrote the Book of Love?

I’ll be posting other similarly striking responses through this week, while I prepare the next contest — which I’ll put up this Friday.

But right now I gotta go, to put Linda’s prize in the mail: two lovely bookloving romance novels the brilliant Miranda Neville, one by me, and a little excellent chocolate, to make the experience that much sweeter.

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