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Sense and Sensuality Basket Contest Update

And a sheepish apology.

Because, dear bewildered contest-lovers — you are not going blind.

My current contest should indeed have ended on October 3 (as you were quite quite sure my contest page said), and not November 14 (as it clearly says now).

Apologies. I messed up. So intently was I preparing my erotic writing workshop for the wonderful Put Your Heart in a Book conference in New Jersey (and my “dress rehearsal” a few nights before, to an equally smart and receptive audience of Maryland Romance Writers, not to speak of the Jane Austen presentation I gave a few nights later in Media, Pennsylvania).

I’m not an extemporaneous speaker, you see. And hardly a Powerpoint expert. So these things take me way more time and mental energy than I tend to expect (especially while I was also preparing to visit large numbers of family along the mid-Atlantic coast, and when my back went out quite miserably, and I could only sit at the computer for an hour or so at a time).

Oy (well, at least I haven’t forgotten how to speak East Coast). And so, having totally missed the contest expiration date, I had to pick a new one. November 14.

The good news, though, is that my back got better about two days into the trip (no doubt due to the ministrations of My Daughter-in-law the Doctor). Though actually, it started to feel better when my 2-year-old granddaughter Sasha very sweetly held my hand.

More good news is that the presentations went off well. The New Jersey conference was a delight…

…and finally, that more of you get a chance to enter the contest and maybe win the prize — my Sense and Sensuality Gift Basket, containing sexy, savory, and scented delights that recall the hottest and tenderest moments from my romance fiction, plus autographed copies of all my romance novels (check out the amazing copious details here.

And for those of you who missed the erotic workshop presentations and want more info about them, I’ll be posting my reading list here tomorrow.

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