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Double Contest for Booklovers — Come Play With Us

My first response (besides sheer delight) to The Dangerous Viscount, my friend Miranda Neville’s latest book, was to want to take notes.

Or outline it; make charts or graphs. Whatever it would take for me to figure out how she made something so light-hearted and entertaining so smart, believable, and wonderfully well-plotted.

But for right now, I’m simply going to tell you that I happily gobbled down this feast for anyone who loves books about lovers who love books.

Miranda lets us — and her hero and heroine — in on the thrill of rare book collecting and the practical uses of period erotica. Her hero Sebastian is the sexiest book nerd to pass through my hands (I wish) in a while, while Diana has just enough willful worldliness (which is to say less than she thinks she has) to fall hard and happily into Sebastian’s world before she’s quite sure what hit her.

As a former bookseller myself, I’m already a goner for any kind of bookish setting or plot. But in truth (and isn’t it always that way?) it was Diana and Sebastian who caught and kept my attention.

And after I’d written to Miranda to sing her book’s praises, it was especial fun to learn by return email that my favorite scene in The Dangerous Viscount was also Miranda’s. And might be yours.

Anyway, here’s a chance to find out. Well, actually 2 chances, because starting this morning, November 24, Miranda and I are running parallel contests, with twin sets of prizes. That is: each of us is giving out 3 autographed books: Miranda’s The Wild Marquis and The Dangerous Viscount, and my book-loving historical romance, The Bookseller’s Daughter. Plus some chocolate.

Sound like fun?

For Miranda’s contest, go to

For mine, go to

And special congratulations to Joy in Redmond, Washington, happy winner of my just-completed contest.

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