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Still a bit Gobsmacked

But my son’s now listed on the Wikipedia page a reader created for me, a few enthusiastic overstatements have been reigned in, and there’s now a little bit of discussion about my critical writing in this quite extraordinarily well-written entry that gets a very great deal right about me and what I write or at least aspire to.

Thanks so much, Wikipedia poster Belinda Edgeworth (not her real name — could you guess?)

I’ll be reading more of Belinda’s posts. And I’ve been fascinated to gain a little more insight into this internet institution and how it works — as well as respect for the sharpness of at least some of the members of its community.

And once again, anyone who wants to is free to update the post — within Wikipedia guidelines, as Belinda very clearly puts them:

It is traditional… for the originator of articles like this not to load them up with every good review or make them into pr — neutrality is required — but there’s no etiquette preventing other editors adding to the page.

While as for “gobsmacked”…

When I first thought to use it yesterday, I thought it dated at least back to Regency times (along with “nodcock” and “nincompoop”).

Did you, too?

But in fact it’s of very recent coinage, the OED dating it at 1985 in the British Guardian. It essentially means surprised, as though you’d been smacked in the gob — or mouth, but here’s a better definition, from a site called World Wide Words, at And a pretty good illustration of the concept as well, courtesy of

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