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…was the word that insisted on being used, yesterday, when I got an email telling me there was an entry for me on Wikipedia at

Yes, it’s okay to click on it — it’s not, as I was sure at first, a Trojan horse designed to sneak onto my hard drive via the soft underbelly of my writers’ ego.

In fact (after you block that soft underbelly metaphor), please do click on it, because it’s a remarkably smart, perceptive, well-written take on my work as a fiction writer, using aptly chosen quotes — some of which I’d forgotten I’d ever said, but that I am absolutely delighted somebody got the point of. In fact, it’s pretty much what I would have said about myself, only more more elegantly put (and way less breathlessly).

I am going to ask that they add the proud-Mom fact that my son, Jesse Rosenthal, teaches Victorian literature at Johns Hopkins University.  But it’s not the Wikipedia person’s fault she didn’t get that, as I’ve been way remiss in updating my bio at this website.

Or even telling you very much about what I’ve been doing and what you can expect from me. Which I hope to do better at soon.

But right now, a question about the Wikipedia entry. Do you think I should ask that they add anything about my essays and critical writing — which sometimes (as in the past few months — see my latest post at History Hoydens) I seem to need to do in order to take stock of what I think I’m doing as an erotica and romance writer?

Let me know.

And note that anybody (who registers, I guess) can update a Wikipedia page. Though as my page-originator very clearly put it:

It is traditional at Wikipedia for the originator of articles like this not to load them up with every good review or make them into pr — neutrality is required — but there’s no etiquette preventing other editors adding to the page.

So with that in mind, have at me if you like.


  1. Oh wonderful, Miranda. So glad you’re going to be in New Jersey too.

    While as for the Wiki contributor — she emailed me when she first put it up, and since then we’ve been getting to know each other a little through email. I absolutely didn’t know her before, nor she me. She’d read an online comment I’d made a while ago about The Crimson Petal and the White, didn’t agree with me but thought I put my thought interestingly… and then started reading my books…

    It could turn one into a believer in the potential of the web…

    And it’s certainly a thrill to be read so closely and astutely.

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