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Contest (and Auction) Winners! Yay!

Congratulations to Lettetia from St. Helens, OR, who — as the winner of my just-completed contest — is now richer by some ten or a dozen autographed copies of books by me and my fellow bloggers at History Hoydens.

A new contest is going up today. Check it out

And congratulations (and thanks too) as well to Virginia, from Clifton Forge, VA, who was the high bidder for the Sense and Sensuality Gift Basket I offered on Brenda Novak’s Auction for Diabetes Research. The thanks are due her because I’m having such a wonderful time putting together this offering. (I’ll be mailing it out when I figure out how to use the ice-gel packs I bought, to keep the chocolates and French cookies cold!)

And in fact, I enjoyed making this basket so much that I’m offering one as a prize for my next contest, which starts today. So come and play!

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