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A Little Squeeing (giggle and snark)

When old friends ask about the shape of my life since early retirement from my longtime, demanding day job as a computer programmer, I sometimes startle them by telling the truth — or one of the big truths — about what makes things rich and fun.

Which is the smart, wonderful women (and a few men) I’ve met through being a romance writer… and a part-time worker at Weight Watchers (later about Weight Watchers, except to say that it’s been a terrific experience this time around and that I’m almost at my new, more realistic goal).

While as for the smart, wonderful women I’ve met in the romance biz…

Well, I’ve been a fan of Joanna Bourne since The Spymaster’s Lady. So it was an absolute delight when last year at the rehearsal for the RITA ceremony, I met her, and in the most fun way: We sat together and giggled and whispered snarky, nervous remarks about how weird it was to be up against genre superstars, not to speak of each other, for Best Historical Romance. Making it one of the high points of the conference for me, to find out that this extraordinary writer was so nice, approachable, and wicked funny. PS — she was a double nominee, and won for Best Regency Romance, which (from my p.o.v.) was perfect ;-}

But now you can all find out just how nice, approachable, wicked funny and dazzling smart she is on a regular basis, as she’s recently joined the venerable Word Wenches blog, a week ago submitting a debut post that (and I’m not the first person to say this) just might be the best romance blog post ever, which you can read here.

(And while you’re there, please do check out my own guest post today.)

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