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Still trucking…

Will write soon about our terrific trip to Mexico and what I’m thinking about otherwise.

But meanwhile, here are some nice links, both to the Dear Author blog. One about my first sale, and one about a subject very dear to my heart — a (mostly) reader discussion about whether folks read the erotic scenes or not.

Do you?


  1. *waving* Hello there!

    I read every page and every word–I read relatively quickly, but I can’t skim to save my life, particularly the first time I read a novel.

    That is particularly frustrating when you are reading suspense or action/adventure, and want to know how the hero/heroine save the day, but have to get through those last hundred pages…

    Some times, though, if the sex scenes are not well written or seem to be awkwardly placed, I read them without feeling them…

    Heh, that sounds worse than it is.

    What I mean is, I read erotic romance, not erotica–the sex in novels, for me, has to have a reason for being there, so if I can’t relate to that reason, I’m taken out of the story and the novel is flat for me.

  2. Hey A.L., great to “see” you. My own sense, like yours, is that sex in writing, is like sex in life, very much a matter of timing, and very difficult to “feel” if the timing is off.

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