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Sense and Sensuality — for a wonderful cause

A man wakes up in a strange bed, with only a whiff of lovely scent to remind him how he got there:

He sniffed: rosemary and lavender [hanging from the ceiling beams to dry]. And something else, spicy as cinnamon, tart as lemon. A woman. The sheets of her bed smelled like her.  — from The Bookseller’s Daughter

After a long period of mourning, woman thinks she might be falling in love:

She’d been cool, unhurried at first. She’d explored his mouth with her tongue, nibbled gently at his lips with her teeth. She’d gone as slowly possible, tasting and sampling (oh Lord he’d tasted good — sweet as toffee, heady as tobacco, dark as earth), allowing her lust to coil within her like the muscles of a tiger before it strikes. Finally, when she could bear it no longer, she’d clasped him to herself with all her strength, breathing him in as a drowning person might inhale a deep, delicious, life-giving draught of air. — from Almost a Gentleman

In a romantic French inn, two strangers lock eyes across the room. A mutual seduction, conducted over food that’s almost as delicious as what awaits them later that night:

The morsel of tart passed through her lips in a cloud of fluffy whipped cream…. She paused, now, to watch him bring his fork to his lips again; he’d moved closer to the table now and she could see… he was looking into her eyes…. She felt herself tempted to eat more and more slowly. To flirt with downcast eyelashes from behind a napkin pressed to her lips… sucking sweetness from the apples and raisins, sinking her teeth into buttery crust, licking up any unctuous morsel of cream that might have stuck to her lips. — from The Slightest Provocation

I wrote in my last post about the gift basket I’m offering at Brenda Novak’s Auction for Diabetes Research, which I’m filling with lovely scented items that evoke the hottest or tenderest moments from my books — as well as copies of the books themselves.

Because my characters all love to eat, cook, seduce, and create multi-sensory pleasure for their lovers, as I like to do for my readers. So what could be an apter donation to this wonderful cause than Pam Rosenthal’s Sense and Sensuality Gift Basket?

But the auction ends at the end of the month. So hurry and place your bid!


  1. Hi, Pam! Right now, I am the high bidder on your wonderful gift basket. I hope I am the winner! I encourage everyone to visit the auction site and shop, shop, shop! There is something for everyone : )

  2. Well, I hope you win, too, Virginia. Thanks for writing. But I also hope more folks bid on this and other wonderful objects.

    Which I know is impossible, but 😉 ….

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