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Such a Deal — New Cover, New Contest

Have I got a prize for you! Well, one lucky one of you anyway, who by entering my new contest, will be eligible to win a veritable treasure trove of lovely historical romances and choice historical gossip, written by me and by a beautiful, brilliant bevy of bloggers (try saying that fast) from the History Hoydens blog.

(What? You don’t romp with the Hoydens? Check out our group blog — you’ll love it. Well, check it out after you find out more about what I’m offering as a contest prize.)

Because as I was saying, the winner of my just-posted contest will receive  autographed copies of:

Not to speak of autographed copies of The Slightest Provocation — both editions, so you can decide firsthand yourself which cover you prefer and give away the other one.

And maybe another surprise.

So stay tuned, enter the contest, and meanwhile we’d love to see you over at the History Hoydens Blog.

Oh, and big congratulations to Linda from Ontario, Canada, who won my last contest, and will receive a $25 Gift Card from Good Vibrations!


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