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A New Cover for The Slightest Provocation!

I’m excited in all sorts of ways that my publisher will be reissuing The Slightest Provocation in mass-market format this May 4.

Which means, if you don’t know, that typical romance novel size, shape, and look. Dark, sexy, clinchy. Heavy on the male abs. These days with the heroine doing that weird raised leg thing. As in — voila!

And while I don’t want to get too excited, I confess that I am hoping for masses (well, small masses anyway) of new readers, who might hitherto have thought that Pam Rosenthal wrote elegant, poetic historicals that might even be a little too poetic (or uplifting or improving) for settling into after a hard day of work, when you want to be swept away by something sweaty and passionate.

It’s certainly a very different look, don’t you think, from the original very elegant (and perhaps uplifting and poetic) more period-correct cover on the 2006 trade original, here on the right.

And in fact I think there’s something to like about each cover — and so did my readers at the History Hoydens blog, where I sparked a lively discussion last week, with partisans on both sides.

Gemini-like, I’m both places. Come back soon to find out why, and to enter a contest based on this most passionate and tempestuous of my romances.

But meanwhile, which side are you on?


  1. Thanks so much, Read for Pleasure, for this comment and for others over the years.

    In some ways I think that this novel, of all of mine, addresses itself to the dark, challenging aspects of what I want from romance — and from marriage (it’s not accidental, I think, that my husband participated so intensely in the historical research process).

    I’m going to be writing more about this in the coming months. Stay tuned!

  2. I echo RfP. The original cover is one of my favorite covers in recent memory. But the book is wonderful and hopefully the new cover (and format) will lead more readers to discover that.

  3. I so hope that, Janine, and thanks for the kind words (and the wonderful review that was so important to me when the book was first published).

    But I also wonder if the sort of serenity and balance of the original cover was right for the book (tho in fact it was a rich man’s commissioned portrait of his trophy wife… who became Marina of THE EDGE OF IMPROPRIETY).

    Loops within loops…

  4. I think I see what you mean. The new cover conveys the tempestuousness and sensuality of Kit and Mary’s relationship. The different covers probably appeal to different readers, and I think that clinch covers do instantly communicate “historical romance” to shoppers at the bookstore or the supermarket.

  5. Great cover! Retro 50s pulp. In a way, I like it better than the old one, which was so refined. Think hi-lo and enjoy.

    Remember the old LP’s of the Eroica? They always had sexy covers so you’d confuse Beethoven with erotica.

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