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Bright Star, Heart in a Book

Do you not see how necessary a World of Pains and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a soul?

That’s from somewhere in John Keats’ letters, as quoted by biographer Walter Jackson Bate. And as I copied it out from Bate this morning, it occurred to me that certainly that’s one of the things the blogosphere is for, to share such wonderful things as they drift in and out of personal view.

And yes, the reason I’m reading around in the huge Bate biography is because I saw Bright Star last weekend.

Have you bright-star_emseen it? What did you think?

I’m still not sure how to put my responses in order, and so I may have to see it again — which would hardly be a hardship, because it’s extraordinarily visually beautiful without going all Jane-Austen-industry cutesy-poo on us.

And seeing it again will provide further opportunity for me to think about Keats’ poetry, indulge my longheld tiny crush on him, and call it all research.

I think I might write about all this when next I post at History Hoydens (scheduled for two weeks from today, though since I’m going to be at the New Jersey Romance Writers’ Put Your Heart in a Book Conference that day, perhaps I’ll swap my post date with one of my wonderful blogging cohorts).

If you’re going to be at the conference, please do come and say hi (I’ll be signing my… ahem… RITA®-winning The Edge of Impropriety there — and as always, I’ll be tossing a few Molly Weatherfield books in my suitcase to sign as well).

And oh jeez — please let me remember this time to bring some bookmarks to give out!

And meanwhile, if you’re interested, I recommend this excellent audio discussion of the film at


  1. I’ve always had a tiny crush on Keats too. Went to see his house in Rome a couple of years ago. I found his little bedroom intensely moving. None of the furniture is original because by Vatican law the furnishings of a person dead of consumption had to be burned. That somehow added to the poignancy, I must see the movie.
    See you in NJ.

  2. Sniffle… the little bedroom… though I’m still mixed about the movie — so much that I’m posting about yet-again-Jane-Austen at the Hoydens this Friday.

    Looking forward to seeing you in NJ, Miranda!

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