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Am I Having Fun Yet?

Actually, I am today — blogging away at History Hoydens about the research I’m doing, about the clothing Regency fashion prescribed for sailing and what people most likely actually wore.

And (most important for a writer) how to describe all that.

With nods (of course) to Jane Austen, Shelley and his circle, and fashionistas everywhere.

Come on by, say hi, and tell me what you think.

And (because I think it’s fun to try to answer the tough questions), check out this month-old post at Teach Me Tonight (called “Babies in Books”) about our moral and political assumptions when we read romance. Is it possible to put our deepest convictions aside, particularly on issues of motherhood and parenting in romance? Do we have to take sides? Are we already taking sides and just don’t know it?

Fool that I am, I rushed in to submit a comment — and I see that blogger Laura Vivanco has asked that I expand on what I meant. Which I would like to do… but I’ve gotta think hard about it.

Or at least pull together some of the thoughts I’ve had about this stuff since the conclusion of Almost a Gentleman — which some people liked just fine and others, well… didn’t. And about which (Gemini-like) I continue to be of two minds.

Stay tuned.


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