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Book Anatomy

I first heard of Lisa Dale when two of my romance writer friends lost a beloved literary agent — said agent having the chutzpah to go become a published writer of women’s fiction herself, while also somehow finding time and energy to complete an MFA writers’ program and to start up a lively writer’s and reader’s blog.

Devoted to all kinds of writing and reading (genre and not), Book Anatomy shines a bright light on the pursuit of pleasure, the study of craft, and other mysteries and miracles of the printed word.

I became an instant fan, and emailed Lisa some reading recommendations. Whereupon she wrote to thank me and to tell me she’d rather write about me.

And so she did, soon after, talking about “authentic” period language in The Slightest Provocation (a book she said “takes enormous risks with the genre”) before she cannily unpacked some of its assumptions and ironies, delighting me for noticing stuff I was doing in one of the book’s quieter moments, and in general for the quality of her attention (see also, of course, my prior post about the wise women of the February Book Club).

And so I’m excited that Lisa will  soon be chatting about The Edge of Impropriety. And posting an interview with me this Friday July 16.

Stop by for the book giveaway, stay for Lisa’s fine insights, fluid friendly style, and the infectuous delight in reading and writing.

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