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Big Days Coming Up in Cyberspace and in Washington DC

Tomorrow, Friday the 10th, I’ll have a post at History Hoydens that I particularly enjoyed writing.

It’s called “Umberto Eco, Barbara Cartland, and Me: Saying I Love You in Historical Romance.” And it’s about how, as a romance reader, it’s exclusively historicals for me (well, almost exclusively — sometime I’ll write about the exception cases). Which is to say it’s another stab at how and why I think historical romance does what it does. And how I started to think in this vein, particularly after having read a terrific book called Historical Romance Fiction, by Lisa Fletcher. Theory groupies and everybody else, please come on over and add your comments.

After which, if you haven’t had enough of me, please come on by to IMHO, TJ Bennett’s blog, where I’ll be one of five writers spritzing on how it feels to be a RITA® finalist, and stopping by through the day to comment.

The others up for tomorrow are Roxanne St. Clair, Jessica Hart, Elise Chidley, and RaeAnne Thayne. Other authors will be there into next week: it’s a kind of pre-award ceremony marathon. (The ceremony being next Saturday night the 18th, at Romance Writers of America’s annual National Conference in Washington DC: and btw, if you’re coming to the Conference’s Wednesday Literacy Autographing Event, please do come say hi).

While as for TJ Bennett’s cyber-event: yup, there’ll be a book giveaway.

As well as another book giveaway, and more of me in cyberspace, next week Lisa Dale will be interviewing me at her Book Anatomy 101 site. If you haven’t heard of Lisa Dale… but sometime before next week, I’ll tell you more about Lisa Dale…

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