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Thanks So Much…

…reviewers and bloggers, for some recent notice to warm my heart.

First to Marilyn Rondeau at CK2S Kwips and Kritiques, who said many lovely things about The Edge of Impropriety, but who especially warmed my heart by saying “I really liked that about this heroine — she actually has to diet!  Bless you Ms. Rosenthal for creating a real woman!”

And bless you, Ms. Rondeau, for writing that line, which I read on a day when I was doing my own real woman act, my Weight Watchers daily points threatening to exceed my daily word count.

And thanks as well to the bloggers at the February Book Club — also known as the doyennes of the blogs Isn’t it Romance, Rape and Adverbs, Read for Pleasure, and Racy Romance Reviews. I’m honored that they kicked off their romance novel discussion group (a little late — two weeks ago — though they didn’t change the name to the June Book Club) with a wonderfully thought-provoking quadruple review/discussion extravaganza of The Edge of Impropriety.

It’s not entirely a Pam Rosenthal love fest, of course. Would I have preferred it if it were? Uh… yeah, at least with my lizard brain ;-). But unremitting smartness is pretty damn good too, and there were a few times during this discussion when I wanted to weep with joy, for somebody really getting something that I really cared to write.

Anyway, there’s loads of food for thought there — and lots of fascinating stuff about the romance genre in general. Highly recommended.

Thanks again, ladies. Proud to be part of this ongoing discussion — and I’d love to hear from readers (and writers) if and how you participate in the online discussion of romance. (And whether, like me, you love that blog name, Rape and Adverbs.)


  1. Criticism is the way we roll, and I do often think about that style and what function it serves. In this case I actually would rather have written a paean to Provocation, and perhaps I shall. (Or a review as paeanic as I’m capable of.)

    However, I hope it was clear that we all think you’re a phenomenon. Impropriety was a new favorite for two of us, and though nothing can live up to Provocation for me, I’m going to blame *you* for that, as you set the bar too high! (How’s that for making it awkward for you to object.)

  2. Yes, I do understand that criticism is the way you roll, RfP, and you do know, don’t you, that in my brainy soul I’m thrilled about it? Oh gosh, I should have put a smiley face next to that lizard brain comment. hmmm, maybe I will, wait here…

  3. Smiley in place. Perhaps it was too subtle and private an issue to have confided here, about how my committed-to-truth-and-art self and my lizard-brain-me-me-me self are constantly duking it out.

    But you know I’m excited that bloggers like you exist, RfP and others. I’m excited about the romance fiction discussion, especially as it leaves the defensive moves behind and turns its artillery to the fascinating, vexing issues of genre constraints and genre evolution, the dance of expectation and innovation, the seriously fascinating erotics of reading for pleasure — and the quest to understand what we’re doing when we do this kind of reading.

    Thanks again, and not least for loving The Slightest Provocation.

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