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On the Road (and on my desktop): How to Get Things Done

Just back a week ago from the Popular Culture Association Conference in New Orleans, where I gave a talk, hung with scholars of the romance genre, and ate more wonderful food in a short time than I would have thought possible (or certainly advisable).

You can find out more from my recent post at History Hoydens while I try to get back into my life…

Because you know how that goes, don’t you? Being away for even a short time (when it’s really away, like New Orleans) really wrecks your routine, and I still haven’t dug out my desk from all the drafts of the talk and all the to-do-before-I-get-on-the-plane lists… not to speak of all the books I used for my talk, which was about how time works in the romance novel — modest little topic, don’t you think?

…whereupon, having written the above, I cleaned up the right side of my desk; sent in a check for membership in IASPR (International Association for the Study of Popular Romance); signed up for an online class called Schmoozing 101, to help me learn to talk to people in social situations; and started a new to-do-before-I-get-on-the-plane list.

Because I get on another plane April 30, for 3 weeks of family celebration on the East Coast — which I will write about soon, or begin to do so… as a way of getting the other side of my desk cleaned up.

Which only goes to prove (if in miniature) the veracity of my fellow history hoyden Lauren Willig’s Theory of Productive Procrastination — which earned Lauren a law degree and authorship of a series of smart, charming, and best-selling historical romance novels (while she was ostensibly studying for a PhD in history at Harvard), and can be simply stated as when you need to do something, start out by doing something else.

At least until you get on the road again.

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