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The last few History Hoyden posts, particularly from our bestselling authors Lauren Willig and Mary Blayney, about funny and fascinating branches of their family trees. Not to speak of the terrific comments — from hoydens and readers alike — about our own families and all the places they came from, including this continent, before Columbus.

Share your stories! Come join the conversation, where there are enough connections to the past here to make me feel optimistic about the uncertain future. As well as delighted to be a history hoyden and historical romance writer.

And so so happy to have a president who writes — better than any US president since Lincoln — so skillfully and compassionately about his own historical roots. Do check out Dreams From My Father if you haven’t already. And even if you have, you might enjoy Zadie Smith’s smart, apposite comments on our president’s first memoir as much as I did.

Also a few words from our sponsor: you have only ten days to enter my current contest, if you haven’t already. I’ve gotten excellent response from this one, perhaps because the prize — a fragrant selection of bath, body, and massage products from L’Occitane — is so nice. Or perhaps because for extra credit, I’m also offering a bar of my favorite lavender-flavored Dagoba Chocolate. Or could it be that people simply enjoyed reading the steamy-sexy bathtub excerpt from The Edge of Impropriety that contains the contest clues?

And note that if you follow this blog, you can now be informed of new posts when they come out — either by email or in a reader. Scroll down this page, almost to the bottom: links for subscribing are in the darker tan bar on the right side.

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