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Oh, That Was Nice…

…to receive fresh-off-the-presses copy of The Edge of Impropriety in the mail as I did last Friday. Reminding me (in case I might have forgotten) that it really is coming out this November 4.

Even nicer, perhaps, to see that the cover graphic is even more beautiful when wrapped around a book.

And nicest of all to read the excellent 4-star review it got from Romantic Times. You won’t mind (will you?) if I quote the lovely and discerning Kathe Robin’s observation that:

Playing with women’s fantasies is a delightful pastime for Rosenthal, who’s always looking for new ways to burn up the pages and keep your mind focused on characters and plot, not just her wonderfully erotic love scenes…

Or to cherish the bit when she calls The Edge of Impropriety

…an exhilarating adventure filled with untamed passion, intrigue and wild escapades in and out of bed.

Thanks so much, Kathe.


  1. It’s a really lovely cover. I’ve enjoyed ‘The Slighest Provocation’ (beautiful cover that one too) and I so can’t wait to get my hands on this. ☺

  2. Thanks so much, Fancy and I very much hope you enjoy EDGE. And thanks again to the Signet art department for the extraordinary covers they’ve given me.

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