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Desperately Seeking Suz (and preparing for an election, a book launch, and a visit to the east coast too)

Mass Market CoverSo I got a nice email from azteclady, who wrote a highly positive and meticulously detailed review of Almost a Gentleman and posted it at Karen Scott’s blog, Suzanne Brockmann’s scrolling message board, and MyMedia-Forum’s library section.

Big thanks, azteclady — for your attention and your energy; for giving a book that was first published back in 2003 a little publicity in honor of its mass-market edition; for distracting me from worrying about what folks will think of The Edge of Impropriety when it comes out next week (on Election Day, as perhaps I’ve mentioned before).

And for introducing me to Suzanne Brockmann’s message board. Which I wanted to join in order to add my own VOTE NO ON CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION EIGHT message to Suz’s.

But somehow I couldn’t register to join the discussion. Well, actually I did register, but my password doesn’t work; I can’t get in to add my own comments; when I try to re-register I’m told I’m already registered. You know those hellish little spaces that computers box us into: I spent 25 years of my life masquerading as a techie trying to get people out of them, and here I am…

So I guess I’m just going to have to do my own NO ON EIGHT spiel here. Because what’s right is right and what’s wrong is not to say so. CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION EIGHT would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in California. And that’s wrong. Discriminatory. Divisive. If you live in California, I’m asking you to vote NO on EIGHT.

Because as a writer of novels that necessarily end in happy marriage, I want everybody to have the right to that ending if they want it.

Because as woman who’s been happily married for 39 years, I can see absolutely no way that anybody else’s marriage threatens mine. Because, in fact, as the proud sister of a lesbian who’s just won the right to marry in Connecticut, I can tell you that Robin’s relationship to Barb has only brought joy to me and my extended family.

You might or might not know that Robin and Barb were one of the eight brave same-sex couples who sued the state of Connecticut for the right to marry and won it a few weeks ago. I blogged about that victory here. And blogged here about their commitment ceremony almost 17 years ago, and how parents, siblings, inlaws, aunts, uncles, and cousins struggled and came together for that and what it meant to it all of us.

And in case you’re wondering (because some of my family members were a little shaky about this one), the kids are fine. The kids are great (but don’t get me started on that). The kids are all the better for knowing it’s love that makes a family and not discrimination or prejudice — which is one of the things my large loving family will be celebrating while we dance and hug and eat and kvell next week in Manhattan at yet another bar mitzvah and as we wish not only the bar mitzvah boy but Robin and Barb mazel tov and l’chaim.

Celebrate with us. If you’re a Californian, vote NO ON EIGHT.


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