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An Outbreak of Happiness

We’re living in shaky times these days — as I’m reminded every day when I read the papers, and particularly when I remember that The Edge of Impropriety will hit the bookstore shelves on Election Day.

A serious time. Big issues. Our future and that of all our children.

But you probably don’t come to a romance writer’s page for that. And just as well. Because today I just want to kvell, as my Grandma would have said. Or — in my second-generation translation — to brim over with pride and joy.

About love. Commitment. Bravery.

Particularly because this “outbreak of joy” (as it was called on the video I’ll be sharing with you later in this post) is partly the work of my sister Robin and her partner Barb, who were among the plaintiffs in the history-making lawsuit that now makes it legal for same-sex couples to marry in Connecticut. (That’s Robin in the purple jacket, btw, and Barb in blue, with some of their happy co-plaintiffs and the son of one of the couples).

You may have read about the lawsuit elsewhere — even in this blog, in a post I did more than a year ago called For More Happy Ever Afters, where I wrote about Robin and Barb’s story, for them and for everyone who loves them. I wrote about how my own family was able to change in the face of a relationship that seemed new, strange, and even threatening, and how much closer it brought us all together.

And I was particularly happy to write it because telling this story felt so much of a piece with being a romance writer — to celebrate love as an unfolding and a gathering — not just for a pair of lovers, but for those around them. Love is the absolute opposite of a zero-sum game: more of it makes things better for everyone.

Much of which is said — and shown — far better in this 21-minute video which I hope you’ll play all the way through, even if Robin and Barb don’t come on until about 19:03 minutes in and even if the sound isn’t very good for the first minute or so. Because love needs to be shared and spread around.

And I’m happy to be part of it.

Mazel tov to all the couples. And to all of us.