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Blogging When I Should be Writing

Though I suppose a lot of these blog posts could bear that title, because the blogosphere makes it so easy to stray from more difficult writing.

But after I put up this post I’m going to go sit (or practice, or meditate — though I’m such a klutz at this mindfulness business that I prefer the simplest words possible). Sit then. And even if I am a klutz, it always helps at least a little.

And then I’ll go get back to work.

But first, in shaky times, some stuff it really makes me happy to share…


Some excellent, fun Fox TV videos of The Batala Percussion Band, an international all-woman band that plays Afro-Brazilian/Samba-Reggae rhythms, is open to all, and is based in Washington DC.

The links were sent to me by my wonderful friend April Thompson, Writer/Editor, Entrepreneur, World Citizen — no kidding.

You’ll see her in the second video, drumming, boogie-ing and smiling her heart out behind the band’s DC president Solange. The first video has introductory info — the second is the actual drumming.

And thanks again to April for opening up the world to me a little once more.

* * * *

Second, a photo of the customer service guidelines posted on the walls of the office of O’Grady Plumbing in San Francisco — because Paul O’Grady, besides keeping the water running at my house, saved my butt bigtime when I had to deal with an out-of-town friend’s flooded apartment on short notice.

(Damn, it didn’t come out so legible on the page, did it?  Oh well, what it says is:


Is it fair to the customer?
Is it fair to the employees?
Is it fair to O’Grady Plumbing?

When you can meet all three of these standards in any given situation, chances are, you are making good decisions for yourself and our company.)

Or as the corner boys on The Wire say, “true, dat”. Or “Indeed.”

We still don’t know how the flooding happened on the Friday before Labor Day Weekend, but when I walked in to feed my friend Fran’s cat and found myself in ankle-deep water, I knew I had to do something fast.

Whereby Paul — who really wanted to close down his family business for the weekend — was a total lifesaver, lending me professional equipment to vaccuum up the water, walking me down the street to rent the equipment he didn’t have, and telling the rental people, with a wink and an music-to-my-ears Bronx accent, that “she’s family. Charge her what you’d charge me.” Right. But the rental people were as charmed by this bit of blarney as I was, and for a moment I felt that we were all family.

The business customer service guidelines are an inspiration as well — and from my experience utterly true to how O’Grady Plumbing does business.

So when you need a plumber in San Francisco, now you know whom to call.

And hey, those of you who write contemporaries, you could do worse than an honest, skillful, charming — oh what the hell, and really cute (that’s him in the back on the right) — plumber as a hero.


And finally…

Probably the only such picture I’ll ever post on this blog. Because why bother after this one?

In sadness and admiration…

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