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Berlin: 3 Places to Eat Dinner

I’ve already posted about our fun brunch with members of the German romance reading community. And my surprising first impressions of Berlin and its surfeit of history — some hidden and some all too present.

But there’s more to life — and travel — than history and brunch.

As Woody Allen says, there must also be a beverage. And then there’s dinner.

And so, if you’re planning a trip to Berlin, here are three places where we ate quite well, surprisingly inexpensively (dinner for two, with drinks, was about 35 Euros) and awfully pleasantly.

Tres Tapas was probably our favorite. An excellent tapas menu (though without potato omelets… why, I wonder…?), helpful, friendly waitpersons. And location, location, location: it’s on a lovely square looking out on the corner of a park — Helmholzplatz, I think, or maybe Helmholz Platz — excellent for sitting outside, sipping drinks, and watching the pedestrians, bicyclists, and young families passing through the lively, burgeoning Prenzlauer Berg area.

Though on second thought maybe Tres Tapas wasn’t our favorite. Maybe Massai, around the corner and down the block northward on Lychener Strasse, was. In any case, the food, a varied selection from East and West Africa, was delicious. We opted for the simpler dishes, but there’s also stuff like antelope, if you’re (forgive me) game. The decor is delightful, and there’s an English menu if you need it.

Though on the other hand, the lamb chops Michael had at Cafe Übersee were pretty terrific too, and we loved the location, along a canal in the artsy Kreutzberg neighborhood, which is where I’d like to live in Berlin. Strolling along the canal, in the magic light of dusk, we were struck by the sweet feeling of community, as in this photo of a bocce game. Cafe Übersee serves good Italian-inflected food; we loved eating in the leafy garden. Maybe, finally, this was my favorite, but at this point, in the afterglow of a delightful vacation, you can see that I’m not entirely trustworthy.

Still, we quite enjoyed all three of these unpretentious, pleasant eateries and think that you will too.

And if you did — or, if you ate in any of these places and you didn’t — please do comment. I don’t pretend to be a food critic — simply a tourist sharing her impressions. The more the merrier, and the better it is for future travelers.

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