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Spannend, Sinnlich, Sexy

I plucked those adjectives from the catalog of the German publisher Mira (which, I believe, is not the same as the American publisher Mira), where spannend, sinnlich, sexy is how they chose describe the forthcoming (February 09) edition of Almost a Gentleman, my wundervolles Debüt mit atemberaubend erotishcen Szenen, German title Gefährliche Enthüllung.

What were they saying about my book? I scurried to the online translation dictionary Beolingus, to learn that atemberaubend can mean stunningly, breathtakingly, nail-biting, cliff-hanging, staggeringly, ravishingly, or show-stoppingly. As for spannend, try exciting, thrilling, gripping, or suspense-packed, with hot overtones of stirring, spanning, tautening, stretching

Which would make Almost a Gentleman my wonderful debut with stunningly, staggeringly (not to speak of ravishingly) erotic scenes…

…a book that’s stirring, sinful, sexy…

Gosh, and all these years I was thinking that Spanish was the loving tongue. Live and learn. (Of course I’ve also recently learned that Germany is the world’s second biggest market for romance fiction.)

This is the cover of the current German edition of Almost a Gentleman, published by Cora and currently available at news stands in Germany, while the Mira edition, with a new cover (which I haven’t uploaded yet — stay tuned) will be sold in bookstores.

Same title, though, on both editions, and same translation.

And by the way, the title Gefährliche Enthüllung (according to German editor Bettina Steinhage) means Dangerous Revelations, with an overtone of undressings. Isn’t that cool? And accurate, if you’ve read Almost a Gentleman, a novel about a woman who masquerades as a Regency dandy… until she meets the man who makes her want to be a woman again.

I found out that it was Bettina who chose that lovely title, when I met her at brunch on our last day in Berlin. Thanks so much to Kris Alice Hohls, blithe and brilliant presiding spirit of Love-Letter, the magazine for German romance readers, for setting up the brunch; and to Birte, the German romance reviewer who chose the lovely venue, SOWOHLALSAUCH Kaffeehaus and made the view even lovelier by bringing her beautiful baby daughter along.

And thanks once again to Bettina, who came all the way from Hamburg to tell me about the new edition. What a great way to end off a long-overdue trip to Europe.

Because for various reasons (some necessary, some not) Michael and I haven’t traveled outside the US much these last few years. Which is a shame, and which we resolve not to let happen again, even if the exchange rate makes it difficult.

Though I have to admit this last trip was easier because we had family to stay with in Berlin. And some frequent flier miles to get us at least part of the way there and back. And that it turns out that despite the hugely daunting Euro, Berlin is a less expensive place to eat that we expected.

Readers, any hints from you about (relatively) inexpensive travel options, near or far?

And vielen Dank (many thanks), to Kris, Birte, Bettina as I bid them Auf Wiedersehen. Good-bye for now, and see you again.

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