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You may ask yourself how do I work this

I admire authors who turn from one project to the next with ease and grace, but sad experience has taught me that I’m not one of them.

In fact, the best evocation of how I feel when I finish a book might be found here, on YouTube. Jangly, neurotic, utterly confused about how I got here in the first place, quite as Talking Heads’ David Byrne had it in his brilliant “Once in a Lifetime.” (The YouTube movie is fun, but you can also just switch back to this page and use the video as background music as you continue to read.)

I’m in that itchy, anomic betwixt-and-between period right now, and have been since I received my advance readers’ copies of The Edge of Impropriety. (I read it over in one sitting! I’m pretty sure that it moves fast enough! Hooray! And if you’d like to win an advance copy — months before it hits the stores in November though not with the gorgeous cover — please enter my contest.)

Still, there is water underground. I do have new ideas — two of them, or perhaps two and a half. One of them is the one I oh-so-coyly hinted at in an earlier post. I’m into chapter 3 now, and finally last night I dared show some 30 pages of it to my husband — who liked it! (And he’s not the kind of guy to say he likes something when he doesn’t; check out what he thinks of my synopsis-writing ability here — and learn from him how you can write a better one.)

Anyway, I’m going to continue with that project for a while, all the while telling myself that that nothing’s stopping me if I decide to jump ship. (I’m also in awe of writers who can contract for a book and then figure out what they’re going to write.)

As for the subject matter of the new project — sorry, not yet. But what I do know is that if it’s successful it’s going to fall into the cracks between romance and erotica, and even have something to do with pornography. Or at least it’s going to challenge Ag Tigress’s distinction between erotica and pornography, as put clearly and elegantly in her guest post, “Classifying Works Containing Sexual Content” at Teach Me Tonight, the blog for literary scholars who enjoy and respect the romance genre.

Which post — highly recommended, but not quite as I see things — I’m promising myself I will respond to this Friday. Here, on this blog.

As a way of helping me see how I got here. And where I might be going next.

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