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Food for Thought (well, not only…)

While I should have been writing, I dove into the matrix and found these treasures instead.

Herein, then, a weekly recoup of things rich, strange, and sometimes yummy, from online.

** * ** * ** *

Beginning with composer Allen Shawn’s touching food and family reminiscence from last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.

I’m including the sweet photograph they used…

…and the snippet of the poem by Salvatore Quasimodo the author quotes in the text…

Everyone stands alone on the heart of the earth
transfixed by a sun ray:
and suddenly it is evening.

to nudge you to click on the link and read the whole thing).

** * ** * ** *

And surprisingly apposite — Anushka Fernandopulle’s talk about “the dharma of food.” Because yes, I do have food and eating “issues,” and Fernandopulle’s simple, smart, modest Buddhist take on stuff that usually makes me crazy made me feel calm and even almost (yes, I’ll say it) brave in the face of some of my fiercest demons. Play or download it from this page.

** * ** * ** *ratafia cake recipe

While to continue the food theme, at one of my online homes away from home, History Hoyden Kalen Hughes offers genuine Regency recipes for Ratafia biscuits, Regency-era cheesecake, and blancmange and sister hoyden Amanda Elyot contributes one for lemon-orange ice cream.

If you’re coming to the First Annual Historical Writers’ Conference at RWA National this summer, you can learn more about making these goodies.

** * ** * ** *

Oh right, historical writing — reminding me (and not a moment too soon that there are other passions.

Like for sex and sexy writing — wherein I confess to being rather proud of this recent post of mine at The Spiced Tea Party.

And then there’s the love of history in all its sad, surprising, even poetic detail — I was deeply touched by this post by Janet Mullany at Risky Regencies. And my own Hoyden post today is about sadness and details as well — as I try to follow out the strange stories of Charles and Mary Lamb.

** * ** * ** *

I collected more links as well — a foodie one and also a drinkie one, and some that will have to wait until next Friday because I set this thing to post automatically at noon. And it’s almost that now.

So why don’t you share what you found this week… when you should have been doing whatever you should have been doing?


  1. Hey Janet… I don’t know if more or less cruising happens if we cross-cruise or not… Looking for the ferrets. Hmmm. it doesn’t seem to work with a Mozilla browser. I’ll try it with my ancient version of IE when I have time.

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