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And then she grew up to be a real live blog…

No almost about it anymore.

And no Regency Mama could be prouder, to announce that as of this post my little late-bloomer of an Almost-Blog is boogie-ing out into cyberspace as a full-featured, full-figured Blog — with pictures; interactivity (please, oh please, do send me your comments!); linking, feeds, and indexing (though not all at once — there’ll be lots more links as I go forward)…

…and even a regular posting schedule.Edge of Impropriety

But since a picture is worth a few gig of words, let’s start with this extraordinary graphic: the front, back and spine of my forthcoming historical romance novel, The Edge of Impropriety, due out this November in a Signet Eclipse trade edition.
It’s really something, isn’t it?

Sexy, edgy, flat-out gorgeous:

I didn’t think my publisher’s art department could outdo the cover for The Slightest Provocation, but somehow they managed.

Is it simply (as my friend Fog City Diva Candice Hern has it) that the cover gods are with me? Or did I have a little bit to do with creating my own good fortune?

You’ll have a chance to decide when you check back for a future post, in which I tell you a little something about how I contributed to this cover.

And of course I’ll be telling you more about the book itself as the publication date nears. Please come back to this web site over the summer and fall for excerpts, outtakes, and of course a new contest.

But back to the launch of this blog:Look for posts on Tuesday and Friday.

The Tuesday posts will be my own thoughts and viewpoints — opinionated and far-flung as ever, in my ongoing quest again and again and yet again (fail again, fail better!) to figure out what I’m doing at the improper edges and provocative margins of historical romance and romantic erotica.

While the Friday posts will be comprised mostly of hot, funny, or thoughtful links from a week’s web-surfing. Because yes, I admit it: I surf when I should be writing — I surf and I dive and occasionally I’ll come up with something rich and strange to share with you.

While as for the stuff from the old, Almost-Blog that I want to bring with me into the higher-tech future — you’ll be seeing more and more of those favorites as I add them.

So wish me (and my grown-up Blog) luck as we light out for cyberspace. And please come back soon!



  1. Ooh, I’m your first commenter!

    Love the cover, Pam. Everything works together so well, fonts, art, and a tantalizingly sexy spine.

    Looking forward to what you come up with here…

  2. Ah, Pam, isn’t toeing the edge of impropriety the only way to live?! You definitely make your own good fortune, and I’m dropping in to wish you more, plus an “in bocca al lupo” for good measure. I — and the Bellas at RBTB — adore your novels and eagerly await your newest.


  3. Oh gosh, some comments! Wow, I’m not just a velveteen blogger anymore. Waving madly and thanks for the kind words, Janet and Michelle.

    Next erotic book, Janet, will have to have more spine action — inside, I mean.

    And yes, Michelle, Edge City is the only place to set up residence… while as for toe-ing… funny you should mention that, since there’s another bathtub scene in the new one, wherein toes… but you’ll just have to wait.

  4. Thanks, Deborah. And of course, it wasn’t at all what I thought it should look like originally, which was an oil painting, in fact… But I’ll be telling that story on next Tuesday’s blog post.

  5. Congrats on the blog, Pam! It looks fabulous, as does your cover. I’ve been blogging for about a year now (on my own site as well as on History Hoydens) and I really enjoy it. I loved your old almost blog posts, so I’m looking forward to more insightful comments. And as someone who also loves websurfing, it’s great to have a new blog to visit :-).

    And your cover is just stunning!

  6. Thanks re the cover, Barbara and Lauren.

    Yeah, “edge” is a favorite word — and concept — of mine (I really need to blog about the amazing new film, The Edge of Heaven, even if it’s a lousy translation of the more accurate title On the Other Side.)

    Hi Tracy — I’ll be checking your blog very soon.

  7. Pam, that cover is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats! The cover gods are so with you that they’ve probably already moved in with you and are, right now, plundering your fridge. 🙂

  8. Sandra, I don’t know if you remember that at RWA two years ago I grabbed you and made you kvell with me over the cover of THE SLIGHTEST PROVOCATION, because I was in shock over how lovely that one was.

    And yeah, Kate — I’m delighted by how it spans the whole of the cover flat.

    Now if the cover gods could just drop a word to their cousins the sales gods… hmm, maybe I should have something better in the fridge than Weight Watcher soup. ;-}

  9. Thanks, Kate. Looking forward to seeing you here. And it’s always good good good news that Kate’s writing writing writing.

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