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The Envelope, Please

I hope the winners of my contest made it here to see their names in lights… well, online, anyway.

And the winners are…

~ Lily, from Montreal, Quebec

~ Pretty, from Fountain Valley, California

~ Linda, from North Bay, Ontario

~ and Lynn, from Augusta, Georgia…

…all of whom knew that in Safe Word, by Molly Weatherfield, the learned lady of the fourteenth century who engaged Carrie’s imagination is Laure de Noves, wife of Hugues de Sade and ancestor of the infamous Marquis — who had eleven children, was a part of a court of ladies who wrote Provencal verse, and was possibly the Laura of Petrarch’s sonnets.

All of my winners will receive autographed copies of Jane Lockwood’s erotic historical novel Forbidden Shores.

And Lily will also receive a scrumptious bar of lavender-scented Dagoba Chocolate, for also knowing that I used the name Laure for Marie-Laure Vernet, heroine of The Bookseller’s Daughter.

Congratulations to all my winners, and please come back to enter my next contest, beginning February 26.


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