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Do Wonks Have More Fun on Valentine’s Day?

The hero of my next novel (yes, there will be one — this November!) is a classicist/archeologist/adventurer, the sort of stupendously educated Brit who wandered the eastern Mediterranean during the early decades of the nineteenth century.

Sorry, I can’t help it. Though I haven’t indulged myself thusly in every book, it should be clear by now that I’m a pushover for brainy guys, and if you find that a weird sort of taste, I won’t mind in the least if you mouse yourself over to some home for hunkier heroes. Though as some of you know, my brainy guys, equipped as they are with passionate yearnings, lively erotic imaginations, limitless appreciation for female strength and intelligence (not to speak of terrific hands, it’s a thing with me) do quite well in bed as well.

And I’m also a fan of brainy women, which is why, this Valentine’s Day, I’m happy to introduce you to Mary Beard’s blog, a Don’s Life.

Beard is a renowned Cambridge classical scholar, whose brilliant, irreverent, wildly entertaining little book, The Parthenon was a source of infinite help and pleasure for me while I was writing (and rewriting) my hero and heroine’s meetings among the Elgin (or Parthenon) Marbles at the British Museum.

Oh, and the title of my new novel is The Edge of Impropriety, and I’ll soon be telling you more about it on my In-The-Works page.

But for now, back to Mary Beard (who I’ve been told makes strong men shake in their boots when she questions their research) and who gives us some wonderfully entertaining and ascerbic remarks about the origins of Hallmark’s favorite saint and his holiday in her blog post for today… Follow the links for more info about ‘the weird festival of the Lupercalia… in which naked young men raced round the city, beating with thongs any woman lucky enough to get in their way’ and other fun stuff.

And come on back here soon for more about The Edge of Impropriety and other items of note…

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